What is an Edcamp?

Intro to Edcamp

Edcamps are a form of un-conference: free, open, and participant driven. Edcamps lets you design your own conference experience by extending invitations to others to explore topics you choose. You are free to move from one session to another as you need; you are never stuck in a session that is not meeting your needs.

Edcamps provide a structure for professional learning and YOU determine the content.

Constructing the Agenda

Filling the agenda is the first order of business (after a bite to eat, of course!). Participants make invitations to a particular room at a particular time to:

  • talk about …
  • learn from someone who knows about …
  • teach others about …
  • collaborate on… 

In the Sessions

EdCamp participants ARE the resident experts and because you are the expert, you know what you need and what is working for you. If the session you are in isn’t meeting your needs, you are free to find another session.

Edcamps are discussion based rather than presentations. If you make an invitation you are only expected to show up and get the session started. You are not expected to have a slide show, nor are you expected to have all the answers. Exploring an idea with a group of interested people can lead to great things.

At edcampMY7Oaks, there are no hired speakers, no canned content, no limits on session enrollment. Rather, there are more than 200 expert educators with ideas and the time and space to talk and explore.


Here are a few short videos that describe the edcamp model and experience:


Ed Camp from True Life Media on Vimeo.

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