Supercharge Your Edcamp Experience

Supercharged Edcamp Experience

Supercharged Edcamp Experience

Ideas and a Willingness to Share

The only thing you really need to have a successful experience at Edcamp are some ideas and a willingness to share. Even if you don’t have ideas (which you do!) you can participate in conversations. Be an attentive listener, Reflect back a person’s ideas by rephrasing them. Be interested in what is going on… and if you aren’t, then find a conversation that you ARE interested in!

While it is entirely possible to show up to Edcamp with nothing but a few ideas and a willingness to talk about them, there is a whole other layer of experience there for the taking. Edcamp uses communication technology and social media to extend conversations beyond the space and time set aside for the day and to make information easily accessible to you.

Laptop, Tablet, Mobile Device

Bring it (and your charger). Our facility has superb wifi so you can stay connected throughout the day. Take notes, do research, bookmark resources people mention, swap files with others. Snap photos of things you want to remember – there’s a space on your nametag to write contact info; a nametag photo is a fast and easy way to exchange details.

Google Docs

Each session has a dedicated online document for collaborative note-taking. Participants are encouraged to jot down notes, list resources, track the evolution of ideas, basically creating a lasting artifact that represents the great things that happened during your time together. These docs will be available online long after Edcamp is finished for you to refer back to, or explore the notes from sessions you didn’t even attend! Participants are asked to record their presence in a session for future collaborations or idea exploration.

Edcamp nametag back

Edcamp nametag (back)

Edcamp nametag front

Edcamp nametag (front)

Social Media

You probably already have a Facebook account, or Twitter, or Instagram, or Tumblr, or Pinterest. Use it during Edcamp! Share your learning. Tweet out a great nugget of wisdom, post a summary of what you learned, snap pics of what’s going on, pin resources you discover and SHARE it with the world using the hashtag #MY7Oaks.

Edcamp MY7Oaks is already active on Twitter and Facebook, and has a couple pics up on Instagram. Don’t be surprised if we get people “dropping in” on our event from around the world. Your posts, pins, and tweets also create some lasting artifacts that others can benefit from long into the future.

If you’re curious but don’t know how to start with social media, or want a refresher, or some pointers, we have you covered. You can connect with one of your tech-savvy colleagues beforehand, or join a crash-course starting at 8:30 am on the morning of Edcamp.

QR Code reader

This is a handy way to access the Edcamp schedule. Download and launch a QR Code scanner on your device, point it at the QR code, and you will be directed to the schedule automatically. There will also be a few codes up around our Edcamp space to explore.




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