Some ways to prepare for an EdCamp

EdcampMY7Oaks events may only occur a few times a year,  but there are things you can do in between:

  • Follow @MY7Oaks on Twitter. Check out the Facebook Page.
  • Stay up-to-date with the #MY7Oaks and #EdCamp hashtags
  • Don’t have a Twitter account? Make one, and create your own professional learning network
  • Think about what you’d like to learn – Make an invitation.
  • What could you share with others – no need to craft a huge presentation. The idea is to talk with participants about your ideas rather than giving while they sit. Make an invitation.
  • What conversations would you like to have about education, content areas, practice, assessment, strategies, innovations, initiatives? Make an invitation.
  • View some EdCamp videos from around the world. Short videos about what EdCamps are, to full recorded sessions.
  • Visit EdCamp websites.
  • Follow an EdCamp hashtag some Saturday, or view Tweets from a past event.
  • Learn about the unconference model
  • While you’re at it, have a peek at BarCamps
  • Have you heard about TeachMeets?
  • Did you know there have been TeachMeets in Winnipeg?
  • Some TeachMeets are held online so you can participate from home

Are you an EdCamp Veteran? What do you do to prepare? What should newbies know?

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