MY7Oaks Edcamp Sequence of Events

MY7Oaks Edcamp events generally follow this schedule

8:30 Light snacks, time to visit, get connected (people will be available to help you take advantage of the online elements of the day)

9:00 Official kick-off, orientation to the space and the process, fill schedule with invitations

9:45 Session 1

10:50 Session 2

11:50 Lunch (provided)

12:50 Session 3

1:50 Session 4

2:50 Wrap-up

The session choices will be determined during the kick-off by YOU! Come with topics to explore, and your own learning goals.


  • some learning goals
  • water bottle / coffee cup
  • devices & chargers
    • QR Code reader
    • Google Docs (GMail Account)
    • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)

Check out the idea board for some inspiration; share your own ideas too!

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