Middle Years - June 1, 2019 @ Leila North

What is an Edcamp?

Intro to Edcamp Edcamps are a form of un-conference: free, open, and participant driven. Edcamps lets you design your own conference experience by extending invitations to others to explore topics you choose. You are free to move from one session to another as you need; you are never stuck in a session that is not meeting your needs.

MY7Oaks Edcamp Sequence of Events

MY7Oaks Edcamp events generally follow this schedule.  8:30 Light snacks, time to visit, get connected (people will be available to help you take advantage of the online elements of the day) 9:00 Official kick-off, orientation to the space and the process, fill schedule with invitations 9:45 Session 1 10:50 Session 2 11:50 Lunch (provided) 12:50 Session

Supercharge Your Edcamp Experience

Ideas and a Willingness to Share The only thing you really need to have a successful experience at Edcamp are some ideas and a willingness to share. Even if you don’t have ideas (which you do!) you can participate in conversations. Be an attentive listener, Reflect back a person’s ideas by rephrasing them. Be interested

What you need to know about edcamp and technology

Edcamp is NOT about Technology While educational technology invitations are common in edcamps, it is not the focus. In fact, there IS no predetermined content focus at edcampMY7Oaks. Topics can range from assessment practices, to UDL, to behaviour management, to meditation practices, to math instruction, to … well, you get the idea. There is no

Some ways to prepare for an EdCamp

EdcampMY7Oaks events may only occur a few times a year,  but there are things you can do in between: Follow @MY7Oaks on Twitter. Check out the Facebook Page. Stay up-to-date with the #MY7Oaks and #EdCamp hashtags Don’t have a Twitter account? Make one, and create your own professional learning network Think about what you’d like to learn

Edcamp Q&A

Edcamps are a unique PD experience because there are no invited experts, the agenda is blank, there are no specific themes, and the day relies on participants themselves for content. The vast majority of people attending EdCampMY7Oaks have never attended an EdCamp before. Here is a Q&A to help you better understand how they work. Over